Here's an idea...

The Gathering Passport

We've come up with an idea that we think would incentivise foreign tourists to come to Ireland next year and makes The Gathering seem less like an overt rip-off. It's...The Gathering Passport.

What is it? It's essentially a loyalty card for anyone coming from abroad to take part in The Gathering 2013. 

What are the benefits? Let's start with:
  • 25% (50% for groups of 6+) off entry to any state-run tourist site. (This is up for debate; an argument could be made that it should be free entry)
  • Minimum 10% (up for debate) discount on payments & purchases in participating hotels, B&Bs, bars, restaurants etc.
  • Discounts on public transport
  • (We're open to further suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below!)
Who can apply? Anyone with an address outside of Ireland that's coming here between 1/1/13 & 31/12/13.

How to apply? Fill out a simple web form on The Gathering website: Name, address, phone no., dates of travel, specific Gathering you're attending (optional).

What does it cost? Potentially it's free. Perhaps a small fee (€5 max.) to cover printing, admin & postage costs would be acceptable.

How does it work? Present your Gathering Passport when paying in a participating venue to claim the relevant discount and get a unique stamp on your Gathering Passport at each venue (See below). The passport might have a unique number or barcode on the front which could be quoted for internet purchases such as booking accommodation in advance.

How do businesses take part? They apply online to become a participating Gathering Passport venue. After verification that they are a legit business they receive branding to mark themselves as accepting the Passport: e.g. window sticker, flying banner, web banners etc. Venues also receive a unique rubber stamp that they would use to stamp the Gathering Passports of customers.

How the stamp & window sticker might look

That's it! What do you think? Comment freely below.

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