Militia to Enforce Local Foragings

Communties around the country have been busy preparing themselves for The Foraging 2013, not least the local armed militia that will ensure no timewasters gain access to the wealth of tourist sites on offer. 

The biggest fear amongst these groups is that wallet-light tourists such as backpackers and cyclists will try to benefit from The Foraging without contributing sufficiently to local coffers during their stay.

These local militia are grouping themselves under the banner of Fóraigí na hÉireann, or Foraging Armed Groups, and will be setting up roadblocks throughout The Foraging 2013. These checkpoints will be set up randomly outside local towns, heritage sites, places of interest and throughout areas of outstanding natural beauty. 

Speaking at today's press conference the F.A.G.'s leadership described their role as one of encouragement rather than discouragement. "We want everyone to enjoy The Foraging equally, but some tourists are more equal than others." 

When pressed about how they will deal with tight-arsed tourists at the checkpoints the F.A.G. responded to say that they will give the following ultimatum: To Hell or To Longford.