Foraging Ireland My Idea Claims Keane

Keane: Tourism Initiative My Idea
Republic of Ireland soccer captain Robbie Keane today claimed that he came up with the idea for The Foraging Ireland 2013 "a few years ago" and that the government should compensate or acclaim him for the initiative.

Speaking in Los Angeles, where he plays for MLS club side L.A. Galaxy Caramel, Keane said that the idea first came to him on a visit home to Tallaght while he was starring for Italian club Internazionale. "I had just arrived back from Milan and my two childhood mates Mickser and Aido had just finished a brief stint in the 'Joy. We met up for a few jars one evening and thought it would be a great idea to organise a platform for every Irish person abroad to reunite with old friends and family."

When asked why he didn't pursue the idea at the time Keane claimed he was too busy with his soccer career. However, now that he has played for all of the teams on the extensive list of clubs that he supported as a child he has the time to pursue his other passions.

"Even as a little boy growing up in Tallaght I dreamed of one day developing an international tourism initiative for Ireland. I'm a massive fan of the initiative, it's a massive initiative with great fans and I'm looking forward to doing my best for the initiative in the coming months."

In related news, police in T├│rshavn continued their search for Jonathan Walters' football boots, which went missing in the minutes after the Republic of Ireland's 4-1 win over the Faroe Islands on Tuesday night. Police say they are keeping an open mind on the case but admitted that one line of inquiry was that the boots were taken in an effort to destroy evidence that Walters' had actually scored the Republic's second goal, a goal which Robbie Keane claimed as his own. Keane was unavailable for comment on the matter.